Are Divers Superheroes?

Are Divers Superheroes?

Slowly and meticulously in an undramatic fashion, the commercial diver gets ready to enter the watery realm. He straps the helmet to his head and attaches the rest of their industrial gear in order to enter a realm most people would not dare embark upon.

The communications are checked and a once over is performed by the dive crew. Just like an astronaut about to go where nature never intended, the diver is now subjected to the perils of the underwater environment.

Somewhat over the top perhaps, but also true.

Is the working industrial diver somewhat of a superhero? In appearance alone they most certainly are. Very few occupations involve suits, helmets, hoses and industrial tools let alone going into extremely dangerous environments. But this alone does not a hero make. It is the ability to understand the enormity of the situation the commercial is about to undertake and meet it without hesitation. Which most working divers do.

Most commercial divers learn right away that this is not a profession for seekers of glamour or excitement. It is an occupation of hard work, long hours and a pay grade that doesn’t match the risk. Is this what a superhero is?

You damn right it is.

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