Picking a dive school is never easy. Whether it be cost, reputation, the curriculum or the area of the school.

  1. The first and foremost issue confronting aspiring divers is that of tuition costs and the ability to come up with cash. The government is quick to give you loans but that is money that has to be paid back over time and it usually takes a long time, contrary to what most people are told.
  2. The second is; What is the reputation of the school? How long have they been around? What are other divers saying about who graduated from there? It is vital that you do your homework when researching to make sure you are getting what you want and not to mention what you pay for.
  3. Thirdly, just like reputation, be sure to know what their specific core curriculum is and what that entails. If they say one of their main areas of expertise is welding or burning then be sure you are trained in that and everything else that they promise as part of that aforementioned curriculum.

Below is a list of schools and information for those wanting to better research commercial diving. (The below costs are taken directly from their websites and are subject to change) Also, many commercial dive schools bury their tuition costs on a disclosure page.

Dive School-> The Divers Academy International The Ocean Corporation The Divers Institute of Technology CDA Minnesota Commercial Diver Training Center
Tuition / Living Cost ≈$32k ≈$21k (tuition only) ≈$25k(tuition only) ≈$34k ≈$14k (tuition only)
Campus Type Urban Urban Urban Urban Rural / Small Town
Location Erial NJ Houston TX Seattle WA Jacksonville FL Brainerd MN
Website Link mncdtc.com/home.html
Program Duration 6 Months 7 months 7 Months 20 Weeks 11 Weeks

  4.  The area of the school can also play a factor on how you decide on a commercial diving school. Do you like the convenience of a city which comes with a fast paced environment or do you prefer a slower laid back lifestyle with a price to match?

Dive School-> Commercial Divers International National University  Polytechnic Institute Commercial Diving  Technologies  The International Diving Institute
Tuition / Living Cost

≈24k (tuition only)

≈18k (tuition only) ≈15k (tuition only) ≈26k
Campus Type Suburban Urban Suburban Urban
Location Goodyear AZ San Diego CA Hudson FL Charleston SC
Website Link divecdi.com nupolytech.org cdtdiving.com idicharleston.edu
Program Duration 28 Weeks 8 months 5 months 16 Weeks

No matter what your decision of commercial dive school is always remember this. Every dive school will tell you how they are different and how they set themselves apart from the other schools. In other words, they will tell you why they are the right choice and the other programs are the wrong choice. It is important for you to do ALL the research you can so you get the education, cost, lifestyle and surroundings you want that will make your months of learning somewhat comfortable and conducive to learning.

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